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Episode 2 Adventure begins !

  • Date : 25.02.2015

1.  New Story Quests

Episode 2 Chapter 1 "Unknown Road Guides the Way"











Episode 2 Chapter 2  "To Here and Ahead Again"











 Episode 2 Chapter 8 "Beginning of the End"

(Unfolds by completing  Act 2 "CALCULATION OF THE FUTURE" route)



2. New Race - 4th race - Deuman

* There will be a 1 FREE character slot for everyone this release of Episode 2
** “Characters displayed on the character selection screen will be sorted so that the character logged-in at last will appear on the top of the list.
 Therefore, when user creates a new character, former existing character(s) will be displayed on 2nd row or lower row of the character selection list.
 When deleting a character, please double check and make sure you confirm the character name and appearance before actually deleting the character.”


3. New Class : Samurai

Katana Skill




Bullet Bow Skill




New Weapons : Katana / Bullet Bow




Bullet Bow



4. New Photon Move / Photon Magic 




5. New Map and Monsters : 

The Shore


New Monsters

Bal Lodos



New ARKS Quest 

"Coastal Area Ecological Survey"


Environmental Mission: Coast

Quest "Eliminate Orgbran"

Explore the Coast

New enemies




6. Increased Max Level Main Class from 55 to 60 Level, Sub Class increased from 35 to 40 


7. More Client Requests as follows :

Daily Request

Team Request




8. Paradigm Matrix 12 "The Destination of a Changed Path" & Paradigm Matrix 13 "The Will of Tomorrow"


9. New Extreme Quest "Extreme trial : Frozen Ground and Armor"



"Extreme trial : Greenscape and Dragons"



* Extreme Pass must be used for every player
Extreme Pass can be obtained from NPC "Prin”,  NPC “Cofy" or redeem from the X-cube Exchange Shop, Pyroxene & Magical Gem Shop 



10. Lobby's Theme "White Days" (From 5th March - 26th March) 







11. Rappy Lovey Rappy



Lovey Rappy Items as follows

Al Rappy Barrel (Lovey Rappy level 1 and above)

Blue Rappy Fan (Lovey Rappy level 1 and above)



Blue Bouquet Rifle (Lovey Rappy level 21 and above)



12. Added Raid Quest :

"The Raging Black Arm"

"Unfathomable Darkness [Elder]"

Season Urgent Quest "A Hectic White Day"


13. Changes in shop

AC Shop
Remove XP Earned +100% (3 pieces) and XP Earned +100% (10 pieces) from shop (duration of item 30 minutes)
Add XP Earned +150% (3 pieces) and XP Earned +150% (10 pieces) (duration of item 60 minutes)

Fun Shop added items


My Room Shop added items


Recycle  added items
Extra-Large Upgrade Boost

Badge Exchange  added items


Ex-Cube Exchange  added items


Pyroxene & Magical Gem Shop  added items


14. Add Augmentation in Costume from Completion Reward


* Augmentation of Costume will be released on March 5 2015.



15. added Arks Bingo "White Day Bingo" with a special prize when conditions are met


16. Kuhna Live Stage "Our Fighting"


Other Changes
1. Free partner list will not show anymore
2. There will be no moratorium hours to cancel the character deletion
3. Free Reset Skill Tree for all
4. Mag Level Cap raise to 175 (Can evolve to third form)


Notice : Asiasoft reserve the right to change details without notice

     The PSO2 Team would like to thank all the users who choose to use our services. The team is committed to develop better services to meet high customer satisfaction.



Team Phantasy Star Online 2


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